3F Industries


A website without visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon!

No single aspect of marketing is more important than a quality website, an organization’s front door. A “good” website isn’t enough to break through and convert users into engaged customers and brand ambassadors. What is really needed is a great website.
That’s what we worked on for our esteemed client 3F:
1. Well-designed and functional
2. Easy to use and accessible
3. Optimized on all devices
4. Authentic and fresh, crisp content
5. Clear call to action
6. Clutter-free coding and backend for an error-free frontend
Good usability can improve a website’s performance and increase the chances of success. It can also boost sales and revenue for the business. The 3F’s website doesn’t not only look good but also provides a seamless user experience for visitors with impeccable usability. All these critical factors have set this website apart from the competition.

Social Media

Let’s start with one simple fact: any business needs a social media presence. Social media is more than just a trend. It is an essential piece of the business marketing strategy!

Social Media
3F’s social platforms have helped connect with the customers, increase awareness about the brand, and boost leads and sales. As social media continues to weave itself into the daily patterns of our lives, more consumers are flocking to 3F’s social platforms for purchasing decisions.
Being seasoned social media marketers, we know that the connection between social media and search engine optimization is divine, and we’ve leveraged it for 3F.
Social media is for so much more than brand awareness. It is great for that, yes – but social has and is influencing 3F’s marketing and sales funnels, helping build brand authority and reputation, informing product development, providing customer service, and more.


As well as protecting the product, effective packaging contributes to efficient distribution, makes storage easy, and can convey crucial handling information, all while promoting the company simultaneously!

Artrix’s packaging strategy has many different roles. It includes providing protection, safety, enhanced usability, attractive looks, optimal design and specific customer requirements, to name a few.
We understand that whether a product has been purchased online or in-store, the packaging is the first thing the customer sees, and it often leaves them with a lasting impression. This impression will go on to further reflect the product and the entire brand, and that’s what Artrix emphasizes!


We live in a digital era, where it may seem that print has lost value. But that’s not true. Be it advertising or packaging; print is essential to support the functioning of various sectors.

And in this digital age, Artrix believes that perhaps print is even more relevant and potent than ever before. It works. Trust is a huge factor when a customer is choosing a supplier. With print, the most trustworthy form of media available, we ensured 3F included it within its marketing strategy.
Whether it’s a bespoke brochure, targeted point-of-sale material or an exhibition stand, with print, we have helped 3F engage with the right target audience at the right time.
Our strategy, content, digital and creative teams are ready to help you define and tell your story. Feel free to email or call us; we’re happy to discuss the possibilities!